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Nurturing Naturals Eczema Jam

This jam was made for our many beloved ones that we know who suffer from this dreadful skin condition. It is pure and has a clean scent that will clear up any skin ailment. This was especially made for my daughter who suffered from severe allergies. She developed eczema at a very young age and I couldn't allow her to use what her pediatrician prescribed for her since she was only 3 months old. After reading all of the harmful side effects of the medication, I was determined to set out on a journey to find the root cause of her allergies and to develop a product that was pure with no harmful side effects just results.
Ingredients: Pure Grapeseed oil, pure beeswax, Taheebo, Chickweed, Yellowdock, Sarsaparilla, Bloodroot, pure organic tallow, emu oil, pure organic camel hump fat and Chaparral
Eczema free!
Posted Aug 1st 2017 by Karen

In December 2014, a rash appeared on my hands. After several visits to the doctor, my condition worsened and my hands began to split and bleed. I was severely restricted from doing simple household chores, driving, and other liberties people take for granted. I was referred to 4 specialists, prescribed over 12 steroid based creams---one of which cost $500 without insurance, and given a skin patch test to diagnose my condition. Finally, I was diagnosed with an extreme case of eczema. I suffered almost  a year before finally receiving disability and eventually retiring from my job. My daughter, who practices aromatherapy, created a calendula salve for me to apply to my hands. Within a week, the old, damaged skin on my hands peeled completely off and I was left with a smooth slate to begin my healing process. Fast forward 9 months to September 2016. The eczema returned, and once again I found myself restricted and unable to fully enjoy retirement life. My daughter, preparing for an international trip and unable to make a second batch of salve, sent me a jar of the eczema skin jam she recently purchased to combat itchy skin due to allergies. Within a week, my skin healed and I was able to resume a normal life.  I love the fact the herbalist reached out to my daughter, before knowing my story, and asked for a review of the jam. When I received the jam, I had been waiting several weeks to see my dermatologist. After using the cream, my skin healed, and I immediately canceled my upcoming appointment. Jokingly, I told my daughter "Aja is my new doctor". I can't say enough about this product. Several of my friends are amazed at how well the jam healed my hands and are interested in purchasing it for their families. I will happily refer them to Nurturing Naturals because it's an amazing product that works! Thanks Nurturing Naturals, you have saved me hundreds in unnecessary doctor visits and freed me from medication that doesn't work.  

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Karen's hands before using Nurturing Naturals eczema jam
Karen's hands after using Nurturing Naturals eczema jam
Nurturing Naturals Eczema Jam