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LushXurious 2-N-1 shampoo & body wash


Wouldn't it be nice to have a natural body wash that feels lush against your skin, that leaves your skin soft, hydrated and that uses all natural or found in nature ingredients that will not leave your skin feeling itchy? Or how about a shampoo that's lavish and kisses your tresses with gentle, natural and organic ingredients that will leave your hair not only clean but thoroughly moisturized without harsh chemicals that are non-irritating to the scalp? Guess what........ your prayers have been answered!


Ingredients:  Saponified Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Pure Castor Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Organic pasture raised Tallow (locally obtained), Silk, real honey, Distilled water and essential oils blend

2n1 Shampoo and Body Wash
Posted Mar 11th 2019 by La'Toya Landry

I love this stuff!!! I took a bath with it but haven't washed my hair yet but it made my skin really soft and smooth and removed all the old dirt and oils with ease.... great stuff Aja!

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LushXurious 2-N-1 shampoo & body wash