LGB formula 2oz. (liver/gallbladder)

The liver is the #1 clogged organ. Everything we ingest gets passed through and filtered out by the liver. Because of chemically laden foods, poisonous body and beauty products, otc and prescription meds, alcohol, tobacco and other harmful substances our liver takes a beating but it keeps on doing it's job. The more I learn and understand how our bodies were made it makes me appreciate my organs and glands and what they actually do for us to keep us alive. Herbs were designed for that purpose to help our body continue to do what is was created to do and that is to heal itself. If our liver stopped doing it's job we would be in big trouble. Since the liver and gallbladder work hand in hand we have also included herbs to heal the gallbladder as well.
Ingredients: Milk thistle, Catclaw, Barberry bark, Papaya, Safflower and Grapple plant.

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LGB formula 2oz. (liver/gallbladder)