IC Clearly Eye Drops

Our eye drops are made with only 4 herbs that get the job done with any eye issues. Of course some issues may take longer than others to clear up but the main goal is to heal and strengthen the eyes and get much needed circulation to the eyes. When we produce tears, that is our eyes cleansing mechanism and it keeps our eyes naturally moisturized. Dry eye is a chronic condition that will cause serious eye issues.This formula can successfully be used in conjunction with other natural healing practices to help reduce corrective lens strength. I have been successful in lowering my corrective lenses prescription from 5.00 (R) and 5.75 (L) to -4.75 (R) and -5.25 (L). I know it may not seem like much but I was over the roof because I'm making progress. We have gotten many reports of our eye drops clearing up and halting the progression of cataracts, chronic dry eyes, conjunctivitis, and sty's
Ingredients: Eyebright, Chaparral, Bayberry& Bilberry

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IC Clearly Eye Drops